Cascade Gold Akhal-Tekes is home to Salam, an elite-graded stallion imported from Russia.  He is sadly retired from riding due to a pasture injury, but I am excited about seeing some of his handsome youngsters performing in the coming years. We had two foals this summer, a bay colt, Menze Khan, Merdan x Asalari and a metallic buckskin filly, Anahita, Gallo x Aishet.  Both are for sale, see more information here.  We also list other breeder’s horses on our Sale page –  check them out!  The Rare Breeds Show in Lexington, VA on June 14th, 15th and 16th is over and what a great show it was!  See my blog post about it here. We had an Open Barn Party on Sunday, August 28th, from 1-3 pm.  The short write up is here.  The rest of the summer will be devoted to foals, breeding, hay and getting ready for the winter!


I also have two horses going under saddle who are available for part-lease.  Both are the offspring of retired stallion Astrachan, also an elite-graded horse. At the 2013 filming of the new ATAA-sponsored Horseflicks video, there was an arena full of Akhal-Tekes, and five of them were offspring of Astrachan. I brought him out of retirement at 24 to appear in the filming (he is the second horse from the right) – I doubt he was as proud as me of this moment, but he certainly played his part.


Breeding horses is about envisioning a bright future – but nearly thirty years ago, when I met my first Akhal-Teke, I could never have envisioned this moment. There are now over 500 pure and many more part-breds in North America. The growth in awareness of the breed has been astronomical. The breed booth at the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky attracted visitors and competitors from around the world who were fans of the breed, including many owners.

True to their origins in Turkmenistan, where they were raised in close quarters with their nomadic owners, these are horses who succeed best in a partnership with their rider. Their athleticism and stamina are a good fit for the disciplines of jumping, eventing, dressage and endurance, but can excel in western pleasure, horsemanship and trail competition, driving or high-country riding.




Angela 2Please see the individual horse and sale pages for lots more photos, and the blog for our latest adventures as we compete in endurance and dressage, participate in clinics, expos and other horse-centric activities.  We love to hear from breed enthusiasts, and are happy to have visitors even if you are not planning on buying a horse in the near future. We also offer lessons on some of our Akhal-Tekes to select students based on classic dressage and horsemanship principles, whether it is in the arena or on the trail.

In addition to the background materials on this website, the Akhal-Teke Association of America website is a great resource for general breed information. We encourage you to join as a friend of the organization, even if you can’t own an Akhal-Teke. Dream big, start small – look where it got me!

— Cathy Leddy

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